12 jan


Whether you are self employed or whether you are following your employer’s directive of working from home as much as possible, there are, without a doubt, benefits to creating that all important creative working space in your home.

Here we look at the 5 top benefits of working from home.

  1. Less Travel

Without a doubt, working from home will be saving many people around the UK a lot of time and money with less travel. A one-hour commute on the train isn’t a one-hour commute on the train, it’s the one-hour commute PLUS the travel to the station, the parking and then there’s the waiting time for your train to arrive. Likewise on the road, there is less time in having to defrost the car if it’s not going to be needed and less fuel needed to travel.

  1. Financial Savings

Of course, with less travel, there is more money saved. You aren’t making your weekly trip to the petrol station to fill up for a week, there is less wear and tear on your car meaning more value from the vehicle itself financially. The windscreen wipers and tyres aren’t doing as much and less miles means potential reductions on your insurance renewal.


  1. More Flexibility

This is one of the top benefits in working from home. You can manage your home life with work life. Your lunch break can become the daily dog walk and you can keep up to date with your daily washing without it building up and become a weekend chore. There is also more productivity around your work as you get to work right up until the plumber you desperately need to fix your boiler or the delivery you’ve been waiting for from that long distance relative rather than taking time away from the workplace and travelling to and thro for a ten-minute disturbance in the workday.


  1. It’s Kinder To The Environment

The benefits aren’t all in our favour though, they are also in favour of other people and the planet itself. We hear so much about carbon footprint and cutting our carbon emissions and here we are, a simple and effective way to help combat the climate change challenges and become more productive.


  1. You Can Design Your Own Office!

Of course, this is our favourite! You can design your own workspace how you would like to become more productive, more efficient, and more focussed. You can work on your laptop in your relaxed environment, or you can create your own office where you can get your head down and focus on the job in hand. You can surround yourself with plants, listen to your favourite radio station without the concern that your work colleague will want to change the station or you can keep your family pet company at the same time whilst inputting those valuable numbers into your employer’s business model template for the forthcoming year.

Whatever your workspace is though, and however you set up your work/life balance for you and your family, it’s important that you have the correct set up for you and your family to gain maximum results. We know it’s certainly something that can benefit many people and we’re here to help you achieve maximum success from your home working space.

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