Avoid hazards in the workplace

Avoid hazards in the workplace


It is of vital importance that you remain safe in the workplace and avoid any type of injury when working. In order to be aware of your safety, you may want to know what actions could lead to injury and how to avoid them. When you first think about workplace injuries, you may think of building sites or factories, but injuries can occur in any type of workplace, even in a regular office. Here are some common risks that you could avoid when working.


Stress can cause a lot of problems when working, it could affect your motivation as well as possibly cause physical injuries by either not paying attention to your surroundings or potentially something lethal in the future. Employers could help this by adjusting employee’s workload and rate of work. They could also conduct regular stress risk assessments in order to keep on top of what can cause stress and how to relieve it.

Fire Safety

Fire safety tests should be taken on a common occurrence. It is vital to be prepared if a fire was to actually take place so that everyone knows what to do if such an event was to happen. Fires can be started in any workplace environment and so you should be aware of what can cause a fire and how to avoid it. Emergency lighting should also be put in place and employees should be aware of where fire extinguishers are.

Eye Strain

When working in an office, you are most likely working at a computer for long hours at a time. Be sure to take regular breaks to avoid eye strain. Symptoms of this could be having regular headaches, blurred vision and neck or shoulder pain. A good way to avoid this is to keep laptop monitors or displays around 20 to 26 inches away from your eyes and slightly below eye level.


There are plenty of hazards that could occur in the workplace and workers should be aware of what they are. Take a look around and try to identify anything that could cause an accident and try to figure out a way to avoid these. By taking these measures into place then you should have no problems in working safely.

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