BLOG - Are you having a break this Christmas?

Are you having a break this Christmas?

What does the Christmas holiday season mean for you? Is it time to down tools and have a complete rest because you feel like everywhere else is shut? Or do you use this time to plan and get ready for the next year? Everyone will have different plans, but we look at what your options may be for the festive period

What your plans may be:
Down tools completely – So now is the time to pack up shop and close for three weeks so you can enjoy family time and recharge and there is nothing wrong with that! Maybe you did all your prep in November so you can have a proper break this year and that is totally fine. Make sure you take the time to pause and recharge ready to hit the new year running!

Christmas week off – A lot of people will be seen to shut for a week from just before Christmas and then just to New Years Eve as this seems to suit most people and be classed as the “NORM” if you do not work in retail that is and need to be there right up until Christmas eve and back in on boxing day! Again, work around what you need to and enjoy the breaks with family that you do get.

Only Christmas day off – To those that only ever get Christmas day off, make the most of this special day and enjoy the time with those you love, and enjoy either watching or snoring through the Kings speech!

No time off – Oh no!!! Everyone needs a break at some point but the way the world works there is always something open even on Christmas day so what we say is, you all know what work you need to do and what days you need to do it, so just make sure you benefit at a quiet period instead and get some down time.

If you are lucky enough to choose what you can work over the Christmas period, then make sure you choose what is best for you for your business or organization. You may not be given a choice and have set open and closed days, or you may just not be able to take the time off that you really crave. All we say is try and get some time to recharge and look after yourselves too even if you must work across the whole of the festive period!

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