Does the weather change your mood?

Does the weather change your mood?


Can the rainy, cold dark days really effect your mood? We hear it all the time, people mention that the dark days make them feel down, they want to stay in bed, and they just feel flumpy in general, but is this a real thing that can affect people?

The cold and illness

The cold can affect many people. It can make their bones and bodies ache and that can generally lead to a worse mood. If your cold and hurting and your body needs warmth even though your wrapped up in your thermals that can easily put a dampener on your mood. Also its true that in the colder months, illness does spread quicker and there is nothing worse than being at work or out and about when your feeling poorly.

The Rain

Scientifically it has been proven that moods rise on bright runny arm days and lower on rainy days. People can feel like they are trapped inside on a rainy day and moods can swing when this is the case. There are strong seasonal patterns that show peoples mood can lower and that people find it hard to tolerate the shorter days in winter and being confined to their home.

The Dark Nights

It is no myth that the sunshine does give people a better mood. That vitamin B we get from the sun, increases people’s moods and the light and warm days uplift most people. On the darker and cold nights, people want to be all cosy at home wrapped up and it always upsets the balance to arrive at work in the dark and leave work in the dark, it can be leave many quite down, like there day has been lost even.


Whether you love Winter or hate winter, there is no denying that people can suffer a lower mood in the winter months. Doctors see mood related issues rise significantly due to the darker colder months. Trying to focus on the positive is an easy thing to say, some people look forward to Halloween and Christmas and try and keep cosy and uplift there mood, but there is no harm in saying out loud, I’m feeling down and I need some help…

A great resource for anyone struggling can be found here:

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