We are proud of our work in the specialist seating sector. For years, the team at DS Office Interiors have been helping individuals within their workspace through DSE assessments, supporting and supplying students in their accommodation and learning environments as well as aiding individuals in working from home.

By carrying out bespoke, tailored and friendly assessments and workplace surveys for individuals, we can help to find the right seat that will give the support and comfort to help maximise working windows and alleviate the symptoms that can come with medical conditions, disabilities plus continually working in an incorrect position.

Working closely with physiotherapists and back care specialists, we have built up extensive knowledge in the field of ergonomic seating. With manufacturing partners now able to offer made to measure designs to our brief, the right seat for you can now be created for an entirely bespoke set up.

Style can be discussed with vast ranges of fabrics and real leather hides which can match décor and office environments. Antibacterial properties may be required due to allergies or to create ultra-hygienic workspaces – these aspects can all be taken care of thanks to our manufacturing partners and our desire to adhere to all requirements.

With injuries and disabilities causing pain and discomfort which can have a severe impact on daily life, let DS Office Interiors find the right chair for your needs. We have various manufacturers on hand and we can provide samples as well as custom set ups to help minimise the impact on your working life, and life in general.

We can provide a range of seating options:

  • Made to measure
  • Electric motor adjustment
  • Gas manual adjustment
  • Sit-Stand chairs
  • Ergonomic
  • Coccyx cut outs
  • Head supports
  • Bariatric

If you are unsure of what any of the above mean, or what may work best for you, that is exactly why we are here and we look forward to running through all of the options with you as well as making our expert recommendations in order to deliver the very best specialist seating just for you.

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