Here at DS Office Interiors, our experience and exceptional range of services can help you understand how to make the most of your space and get the very best out of it in terms of design, functionality and versatility. From concepts to design, we can take you through the complete journey and help to alleviate the stress and pressure of Space Planning that often comes with trying to figure out how a new space will work for you.

Whether it’s a home office or the requirement to fit a new employee into your current space, we can help to redesign and discover the most beneficial solution for you.

With the workplace continually changing due to challenging times we are experiencing as well as the advancement of technologies alongside the tools that are now available to aid how we work; the use of distancing and protection screens can help keep your team members safe and help you to continue operating, which can maximise your potential and capabilities.

Colour schemes and furniture visuals can be shown with 3D renders which will enable you comprehensively understand how fantastic the new design will look and will help you to make the all-important decisions on the finish, as well as allowing you to feel comfortable moving forwards knowing that the end result will incorporate all of your desires & requirements.

Space Planning
Basic Sketch Space Planning

Basic Sketch

Our experience can take basic information and work ideas into detailed architectural plans for use to create the perfect design for your space.

2D Image Space Planning

2D Image

The 2D plan helps us to manage the workspace available and check health and safety requirements. It also helps you as a client to understand how the set up could potentially work for you.

Space Planning

3D Image

We can use the 2 previous steps to put together a 3D render and propose a design. This is when everything comes together and the you as the client can finally see how the design will work for you.