26 Jan

Ever Wondered About Height Adjustable Office Furniture ?

Have you ever considered a flexible working space that could help your performance in the work place ?

Well one of the most interesting products on the market these days are height adjustable desks.

With a lot more working from home and less travelling around to meetings or less travelling to clients who prefer to meet on line these days, we can quite easily get into the habit of sitting around too much rather than moving around. We know that sitting around too much without movement away from our desks can add strain on our bodies and with the increased virtual meetings to attend with work colleagues, clients and business meetings, by working from home, we could be sitting a lot more.

But how about if you had a sit/stand height adjustable desk in your work space ? Well, for a stand, you could present standing up instead of sitting down and as you are attending a meeting on camera from the waist up, you could quite easily stand and talk rather than sit, meaning you would be moving from your chair.

Height adjustable desks can also add an easy to adjust desk to suit different people using the desk and become adjustable in seconds.

Other benefits include fewer chronic problems, better posture meaning a reduction in back problems, prevention of muscle inactivity, much more comfortable for working and brings higher work satisfaction.

Maybe something for you to consider ?

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