Giving Your Workspace a Makeover

Giving Your Workspace a Makeover

Is your workspace looking a little tired or are you starting to get fed up with the same look and layout?

It’s not traditionally the time for a spring clean yet but giving your workspace a makeover can really perk up your mood and productivity, especially with the storms and bad weather outside!

So below you will find our quick tips for giving your workspace the makeover you and it deserves.

Tip 1:

Spruce up your blank wall – Are the plain walls in your working space getting boring? Fill them up to inspire you. Pictures, prints or even a notice board can really change the look of your working space and make it look and feel better. You do not even need a huge budget to add some great prints or pictures to your walls.


Tip 2:

Bring the outside inside – Plants are a great feel-good factor. They spruce up the darkest and barest of spaces. Plants exude a calm tranquil atmosphere that’s conducive for productivity


Tip 3:

Brighten up the floor – Are you working on a cold wooden floor? Add a rug to add some warmth! You can even opt for a bright coloured rug to give you the feel-good factor whilst you are sat there working without it making the space seem too overpowered with colour.


Tip 4:

Its all in the seat – Is your back hurting or your chair is looking worn down and overused? Investing in a new chair won’t only help your posture and your health but it can also improve your mood and make your working space feel revamped and new!


Tip 5:

Time to declutter! – It is far too easy to build up clutter on your desk and a cluttered space means a cluttered head which will not do your productivity any good at all! Try and invest in some storage boxes to move the clutter from your eyeline. Get ruthless with what you hoard and get rid of clutter you do not need, it will clear your head as much as it clears your space!


We hope you have enjoyed our tips to give your workspace a makeover. If you want to take it a step further, DS Office are here to help and advise you and help you find the solution you need. Please give us a call on 0800 644 0150

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