Health and Wellbeing Top Tips for Working from Home

  1. Routine

Having a routine has been proven to be beneficial to your mental health. A routine gives you a base to help keep your day on track and to help with your natural sense of time.This can help to reduce anxiety, stress and worry by giving a direction – it canprovide you with a sense of control and order.

  1. Movement

Changing your posture and moving regularlycan endorse positive changes your brain, thereby reducing stress, depression, and anxiety. This will also lead to a feeling of overall well-being! Both physical exercise and meditative movement are activities that you can do by yourself and with nothing else needed. Something as simple as getting up and touching your toes or having a walk around the house or garden every hour will raise your endorphins and help your brain and body feel better.

  1. Fresh air

Research shows that getting up, getting outside and exposing your lungs to fresh airand the smells of flowers and plantscan help to reduce stress and relieve anxiety. Oxygen is thought to affect the levels of serotonin released in the body, so getting a good dose of fresh air will contribute to feelings of happiness and relaxation as well as helping you to detach from work and your home surroundings momentarily.

  1. Comfortable set up

Sometimes our homes are not set up with a specific working environment and so when it comes to having to work from home, we don’t have the right equipment or space. There is a range of professional equipment that can create the perfect working set-up for you, but if finances are a concern then we understand that this is not always possible. Make sure you are somewhere with adequate light and if not, add a lamp to your shopping list. A comfortable chair is a must, and if you don’t have one you can use cushions or throws to pad out what you have & make it more suited to your needs. Alternatively, if there is somewhere you can put your computer so that you can stand and work, this may be more comfortable than sitting. Your computer or laptop should always be at eye level and not below – otherwise you will be stooping – and this can cause back problems. Check with your employer what they can provide you with that can make it easier for you, and if this is not an option then you can pick up inexpensive chairs or equipment on the internet. Sometimes improvisation is key and you can find items around your house such as books to raise your laptop up. Whatever happens, don’t submit to being uncomfortable day in, day out, as this will reduce your productivity and your mental & physical health may decline.

  1. Start and Finish Times

Although you more than likely have exact start and finish times within your job, when working from home it can be easy to start earlier and finish later as well as doing additional work during the evenings because there is no physical boundary between home-work and office-work which naturally can create a blurred boundary for when you should be completing work tasks. Make sure that you stick to your set times as much as possible so that you don’t get run-down or a sense of doing more than you should.

  1. Variety

When you’re not leaving the house for days at a time, your surroundings and routine can become very stale and this can throw you in to a negative mindset which is not only bad for your home environment but it’s bad for your working frame of mind and your productivity too. To make sure you’re avoiding this as much as possible, think about what new things you can bring in to your routine each week. For instance, try a new type of workout for a week and change this every Monday. Add some kind of relaxation technique in to your evenings – perhaps a meditation, a 10-minute walk or a bath with salts to reduce any tension and stress. Try a new meal for lunch each week, move your desk/table to a different side of the room and face a different way, swap your work-out time from the morning to lunch time or the evening (or vide versa!), do your work in a different order if this is a possibility or meet 1 friend outside for a walk during your lunch break if you can. Anything you can do that switched things up a bit within your personal surroundings and routine should keep things fresh.

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