How to use an outdoor theme inside your office

How to use an outdoor theme inside your office


Your office should always have some kind of theme to it to establish the mood of the room and to allow your employees to work in a way that they feel most comfortable and in a setting that they feel is safe to work in. Having an outdoor theme could bring in the natural world into what could normally be a claustrophobic setting as well as keep the room from feeling too boring. But other advantages could an outdoor theme have inside the building and how could it affect your employees? This is what we find out in this article.


The biophilia hypothesis

Although it may seem like a recent trend to incorporate an outdoor theme to your office, it has actually been around for quite some time. In 1973, an American psychoanalyst by the name of Erich Fromm coined the term ‘biophilia’ to describe the love of the outdoors and nature in human beings. It manifested itself into what we pay attention to, where we feel safe and what we withdraw from. He then used this concept twenty years later to indoor layouts to create environments inside the office to reflect nature. It has since been spread into a positive trend that many of the world’s largest companies have embraced, some include Amazon, Google and Microsoft.


Natural and Dynamic Lighting

Introducing natural lighting into your office is a great way to light up your office without using artificial overhead lights and making your employees feel like they are not just trapped inside a boring and emotionless box. Including a lot of windows and some skylights are a good way of letting natural light in. When creating your office layout, by placing your desks and comfort areas around your windows could make people feel more comfortable and also having south-facing windows will allow more light into your office during the day.


Plant Life

It is always ideal on having a lot of plant life into your office, but not so much as to feel overcrowded. By having some potted plants in certain areas of your workspace, it will allow more oxygen to fill up the air, which keeps workers feeling more awake and engaged into their work. This will also allow more colour into your office by having vibrant greens and luscious pinks, it will allow more diversity to your palette without using more expense and eventually breaking the bank. Plant walls are also effective as they are more decorative but also are a creative and space saving idea that will make your workplace feel more alive.



From what we have gathered in this article, there are many benefits that you could gain from adding more of the natural world into your office, from having workers feel more engaged into their work to creating a more colourful palette in your office. These small things could make everyone feel much safer in the workspace and a lot more comfortable and happier when completing important projects without as much of the stress.

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