Mental Health in the workspace – What can you do to help your employees?

Mental Health in the workspace – What can you do to help your employees?


It is very important to make sure that your employees’ mental health requirements are met with full understanding. Mental health can affect everybody and if they are suffering from anything it is your responsibility that they are in the best mindset to be able to work. But what can you do that will help your employees? Here we discuss some topics that you could do to improve understanding in the workspace.

How to recognise Mental Health problems

Mental health is not easy to identify and so finding out how to recognise these problems is important for both the employer and employee. When the employee is working, try and see if they tire easily or have any kind of issues with the work that they do. Some may find issues with finding motivation to keep working or keeping on track of timekeeping. Others may have mood swings at work or perhaps even short tempered. These are just some examples of how to recognise mental health problems.

Have a conversation with your employee

Having a conversation can help both parties understand the requirements that must be met with someone having issues with mental health. It may have affects to how the employee can complete their work and so if you come to a conclusion that their mental health means that they are unable to work, they must be met with a fair dismissal and make sure that all procedures are met properly. If they find out that they can work but require some kind of act from their employer, then you must be prepared to meet those requirements.

Why don’t people talk about mental health problems?

Although mental health awareness is increasing, there are still many people who find issues with sharing their problems to other people. They may feel that if anybody found out about their problems, it could cause them to be dismissed from their job or face other challenges in the workplace that they don’t want others to find out about. People have fears over people’s reactions and so try and hide their problems. You should always make workers feel safe at work and be able to talk about any issues that they may have.


Mental health problems affect us all and we all have to find ways to work around it, although it may not be easy. Working with other people and discussing issues can really help some people so that they can improve their work. If you look at someone having issues at work and are trying to find out why and how you can help them, take them aside to a quiet area, talk to them and ask them if you can help them with problems at work. It is important to be fully aware of problems at work and so it is as important to find ways to help people with such issues.

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