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The way we will work moving forwards will be through progressive measures taking into consideration the continuously evolving COVID19 guidelines produced by the government for the workplace. As a result of the virus, we have seen many individuals working from home and companies excelling through digital interaction to help avoid unnecessary contact with others.

For the businesses who are pushing ahead with their colleagues working fromhome, both the company and the individuals must make sure there is a suitable workspace available to conduct all necessary duties. Back and neck injuries from poor office chairs and incorrect working height of desks for example will generate a negative impact on the business with colleagues taking time off to treat or ease the pain as well as potential complaints which can be avoided by ensuring necessary and beneficial planning is done at the start. Please contact DS Office Interiors for support, planning and assessments in the home space for your team members.

Businesses will see drastic changes over the coming months whilst trying to get back to regular practice and planning the best steps forward in order to create a new ‘normal’ as well as embracing positive changes that will need to be established for now, and the foreseeable future. There are many factors to consider and as owners or managers of a business, your team’s needs will be at the forefront of planning toguarantee that you are in the best position to seek the maximum amount of work to be completed at the highest quality.


Things to consider for commercial office spaces:

​Entrance/Reception – clear walkways and protection screens on the desk

​One-way systems

Analysis of the furniture layout to ensure adherence to distancing regulations

Wipe clean surfaces on furniture items

Personal storage for all non-essential items


DS Office Interiors will be able to advise on the possibility and logistics of extra flexibility with a fresh look and a selection of additional items.

To avoid the virus remaining in the workplace, the government requests you look to use antibacterial agents and wipe the surfaces down. However, current office space set up inevitably has several soft furnishings such as office chairs. To provide an example, a solution to this issue could be to look at vinyl coverings on the seating and acrylic/glass screening on the desking. This enables these surfaces to be wiped down and thus, works to eliminate the spread of the virus where possible. These screens also work as privacy and barrier protection to help maintain a personal, safe space for you and your team members.

With the rise of digital interaction, it is worth re-evaluating the current space and set ups to consider a more bespoke look. With display screens and webcams now at the centre of business interaction, the requirement for staff members to navigate around these areas safely leads to cutting edge designs.

Whilst there are so many areas to look at in the coming months including your carbon footprint and sustainable purchases to help the business return, the right choice for you will be unique to yourself and your business so please contact DS Office Interiors so that we can help you unlock your safe future workspace.


Take care, DS team

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