Music In The Office - Is it good or bad?

Music in the Office – Is it good or bad?


Having music playing in the office is a long-discussed topic with many differing opinions. Radios and other different types of music players are often found in a work environment and lots of people enjoy listening to music whilst working to allow some entertainment whilst working, but others may find it distracting and annoying when they are trying to concentrate on working.



Whilst working in the office, work can take a massive toll on your health by making you feel unhappy whilst working at a computer all day or taking up your time writing large amounts of documents and could easily become bored.

Playing music in the office would allow people to be livelier and discuss more topics whilst listening to the latest hits on the radio. It could also increase dopamine into the brains which is a feel happy chemical which is also caused sometimes when you smell a pleasing aroma or when you are feeling the love tonight. This allows an increase in productivity and increases work ethic which allows work to be done more quickly and easier.



Music at work can sometimes cause distractions away from your tasks. If you’re busy jamming away to your favourite Guns ‘n’ Roses song, you may not want to continue your work and just listen and sing along to the music which decreases productivity. If you get easily distracted, then it may cause issues with your job, and you could potentially lose your job at the end of it.

Some might say that if you are having an important conversation with another colleague or someone of importance in the business then it could be like having two conversations at once which is highly distracting. Having distractions at the workplace could cause deficiency whilst working and could lead to a loss of work productivity and therefore could cause a lot more issues with the company.



Playing music in the workplace could cause many advantages as well as many disadvantages, depending on the work that you are doing in the office. A place such as a warehouse or a retail store with lots of space and menial tasks could be a good place to allow music to play to allow some form of entertainment whilst working repetitive tasks, however a small office with minimal people could cause a distraction when working on important jobs for big clients or if you are having an important discussion with fellow team members.

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