Office Lighting Trends

Office Lighting Trends


Look around your office, look at the light fixtures on the ceiling and think to yourself “Do I really like the way these looks?” If you can’t think of an immediate answer or your answer is no, then this article might be right up your alley. Here we are going to discuss the different types of lightening fixtures you could add into your office and how some might be more beneficial for you than others.

Saving Energy

Everybody wants to keep the costs of energy down and we all want to find ways on how to achieve this. By adding the right lighting to your office, you could bring down your energy costs by a lot. Try investing in some LED lighting, although they may cost more upfront, they are much cheaper in the long run. Most offices have been shown to be using T5 fluorescent lighting for years now, so LED lighting has been slow to catch on. But by adding LED lighting instead of fluorescent allows users more control and therefore saving a lot of energy costs.


By giving employees more control over their light, it has been shown that they will be shown to increase job satisfaction and controls can prevent light being wasted in areas that are nearby windows, or areas that are not in use such as meeting rooms or bathrooms. Many of modern technology’s lighting is all wireless and can be easily controlled by mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. It also allows easier installation and configuration as no new wiring is required.


Sometimes, you don’t even need to have the lights on in your office at all. By being in an area with lots of windows you can use more natural light which is both eco-friendlier and more cost effective. Daylight is also proven to be healthier to people by giving us more Vitamin D, which allows workers to be more productive and have a higher job satisfaction when it comes to working on big projects.


Lighting is obviously very important for an office as you never want to be working in the dark. But choosing the right lighting options is important so that you can learn to be friendlier when it comes to the environment and also much more cost effective, making your energy bills much more cheaper.

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