Simple Office Makeover Tips

Simple Office Makeover Tips


There are plenty of studies out there that suggest that worker productivity can be increased by revamping your office design once in a while. If you do this regularly then you will not be as bored so easily with the way your office design looks. Customers could say that if you do not have a well-designed and updated office, then your business could be outdated and boring as well. Your office should be as interesting and exciting as your business is. Here are some quick tips in order for you to keep your office looking interesting.


Having dull, fluorescent lights in your office can look extremely uninteresting and could make it look as if the amount of care in the office has lacked. Try replacing these fluorescent tubes with new energy efficient LED Lighting. Modern LED lighting can look very slick and produce a wide variety of lighting profiles which mimic real natural lighting. Investing in smart lighting will also allow you to control the lights from your own personal device, thus allowing you to have more freedom in how they look.

Floors & Ceilings

When was the last time you looked at your ceiling or floors and thought “When was the last time we had these changed?” If you can’t think of a time, then it is likely time to get them updated. Chances are, they are the same as when you first either purchased or contracted the building or had it renovated. Try reaching out to some interior designers who specialise in tiles and floors, ask them to give you some design choices and choose the right one which will fit in your office.


Furniture is probably one of the most important things to have in your office and if it looks like the furniture is still from the 80s, it’s time for a change. Look into getting some modern designs for furniture. If you have cubicles in your office, rip them out and replace them with orderly desks for your workers to be able to interact with each other better and bump off each other when it comes to working with projects. If you have a sitting area, look at some colourful sofas or a coffee table in the middle so that you have a nice area where you and your co-workers can relax during your breaks.


You must always keep on top of the latest trends in office design, and you should always think when the time is right for your next renovation. Try adding the most modern design choices as you possibly can, you want to look as though you are a working environment which cares about where you are working and how it affects the way you work.

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