Sustainability – How to go Green with your workplace

Sustainability – How to go Green with your workplace


The lack of awareness to our current environmental issues are a substantial global issue. It has been reported that in 2018 37.2 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste was reported in England, plus another 37.2 million tonnes in 2019. Judging by these numbers, it is clear that we must be aware of keeping our commercial waste down as well as helping the environment. This article will suggest ways on how you could succeed in keeping your carbon emissions down and keeping green in your workplace.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The simplest of ways that you can help the environment is just to recycle your rubbish. Anything that is recycled by anybody is picked up and taken to recycling centres which find ways to reuse items such as plastics and paper into new products that can be used by the general population. By doing this, you are reducing the amount of waste that you are producing and helping the environment by reusing old bottles or maybe even reusing “bag-for-life” instead of disposable plastic bags.


Work From Home

Some jobs may allow you to be working from home instead of having to go into the workplace. By doing this, you could be reducing the amount of carbon emissions you produce by travelling in your car to work. Also, by working from home, you can spend more time doing anything you want as you don’t have to spend time travelling to work. So, use this time to prepare yourself for the day ahead or try something productive.


Paperless Office

Lots of your documents may require you to use a lot of paper and just leave it lying around your work area or just across the office. You could easily reduce the amount of paper you use by using cloud-based software like Google Drive or One Drive. Even if you needed anything official signed, there are software that allow you to add your signature to online documents. It is clear that it is almost impossible to completely remove paper from your office work, however, if you find your workmates using paper for whatever reason, try and ask them the question “Is it really necessary to print all of that off when you can use online resources?”



Global Warming and other effects caused by our commercial waste is a real thing and people should be made aware of it. By taking steps to make your workplace planet friendly, you could be a part in helping save the planet from ourselves. There are plenty of things that I haven’t covered in this article so try looking around for other ways you could keep

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