Sustainable Fabrics for your Workplace

Sustainable Fabrics for your Workplace


Having sustainable materials for your office is highly important so that you can keep on trend with the designs of your office and others around you, as well as keeping environmentally friendly. Commitments made at COP26, the summit in 2021, will be having an effect on the flexible workspace sector. Because of this, future access to funding for buildings will rely on developers having a net-zero carbon plan. Therefore, greener projects are much more likely to get funded.


Recycled Materials

Recycling is a very important task that we must complete in order to stay environmentally friendly and making sure that we keep to net-zero carbon emissions. Using recycled materials for office furniture will help with these ideas and keeping our planet alive. Furniture designers and manufacturers are always looking for more ways to repurpose old items and create reusable ones.


Sustainably Sourced Materials

Wood is a very popular and common material used in most office spaces and buildings, however having wood sourced from non-ethical means could be very harmful to our environment. In order to be aware of what woods are sourced sustainably, make sure to check for certifications such as FSC or PEFC. FSC woods are harvested using forests that are socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, responsibly managed and economically viable. There are plenty of other materials that have similar certifications so make sure that the right label is on each product and do your research before you buy your materials.


Mycelium Leather

Leather taken from animals are falling out of favour in most industries, not just fashion. There are plenty of brands that have suggested using mycelium leather instead as an alternative to traditional leather. Mycelium is a part of a fungus which is vegetative and mycelium leather is usually grown from spores in a lab. Spores grow into a sheet of filament and then tanned and dyed to replicate the look and feel of traditional leather.



There are plenty of materials that you can use in your office for furniture or other parts. Finding the right types of fabrics and materials can be tricky but doing some research into the best kinds of ethical farming of these materials and finding the right certifications can lead to you being more environmentally friendly as well as economically beneficial as well. The world is trying to become more eco-friendly and there is no reason why you should not jump on the band wagon.

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