The Ultimate Cost of Working from Home

The Ultimate Cost of Working from Home


Every day, spanning across the globe, people are commuting to work. Whether it is an hour-long train ride or walking five blocks to your office, everyone commutes to their daily grind. But now more than ever many employees are traveling less than 30 feet to get to work.


Rise of Working from Home

Working from home has been a rather niche work style, reserved only for those who run their own business or are purely doing work that doesn’t require being set up in an office, up until COVID-19 spread across the globe in 2020. Now looking at 2022, it seems that many companies that used to have offices filled to the brim with employees every day now have Zoom meetings and packed email inboxes to communicate with their employees. Many employees are thrilled to be working from home for the obvious benefits of being in a more relaxed space, having more time to spend with family, and of course eliminating that dreaded commute to work. But are there costs to working from the comfort of their own home?


Costs of Working from Home

The most obvious cost of working from home is the internet. When working constantly from a laptop or computer as most work from home employees do, we must take into consideration how much money employees are spending a month on the internet bill just for their jobs. With most of the UK spending about 160 hours a month working as well as roughly 54 hours a month on social media, the average monthly bill is £30.30. That being said, the average work from home employee is spending around £22.65 a month just to work on the internet. While this may not seem like much, that small number adds up to nearly £300 a year. Should this be a cost that is covered by the employer, or is this a cost worth having in exchange for working at home?



Despite the rising cost of internet for the work from home employee force, based on 2022 data, UK citizens are flocking to work from home positions now more than ever, citing the ability to relax in their own comfort spaces while they work as both an encouragement for more productivity and completely worth the internet bill. The cost of working from home may be nearly a £300 yearly sum, but the peace, quiet, and ability to focus is more important for UK work from home employees.

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