Top tips to keep your office clean

Top tips to keep your office clean


Making sure that your office is tidy is an important part of working in an office. It can increase work productivity and can be a great welcoming environment for visitors or new clients. It can also help keep a lot of talented employees, keep shareholders on your side and improve the look of your company.

Desk Cleanliness

Low levels of cleanliness can cause a negative mark on productivity. Encourage employees and colleagues to keep on top of their desk and make sure that you can find everything within seconds of searching. Keeping your desk clean can improve your work ethic and making sure that there is no clutter left all over the place.

Always keep on hand a bottle of hand gel and some tissues in order to keep on top of hygiene.

Organise Paperwork

Try to organise your paperwork so that everything is in order of ether necessity or possibly even alphabetical order in order to find everything you need easily. Invest in a storage system which can help organise with less stress and keeping all your important documents in one place. Filing cabinets and desk trays are both great examples of storage systems which keeps things nice and organised.

Empty your bins!

Bins can smell if left untouched for long periods of time. A build-up of rubbish could cause flies to start swarming around and causing a mess on top of the already binned rubbish. Encouraging your team members to empty the bins regularly, although sounds like a messy job, would greatly improve the work ethic around the office.

Keep toilets fresh

Even just simply flushing the toilet and washing your hands could greatly improve the hygiene around the office. Adding an air freshener in the toilet could improve happiness by not leaving a bad smell in the bathroom. Perhaps even considering a professional cleaning service to keep on top of it if you don’t have the time.

Keep kitchens clean

Nobody likes seeing food left half eaten on the kitchen counter, it leaves a lasting smell and could make the counter dirty. Clean tables, sinks and worktops at least once a day and perhaps consider designating a certain space to eat and drink if necessary. If left untidy, bacteria could easily grow and cause illnesses in the office.


There are many reasons to keep an office space tidy not just the topics listed above. Keeping a clean office could improve work ethic and productivity a lot, tidy up at the end of your workday and make sure the office is nice and clean by the time you leave. In an organised environment, employees are much healthier and are less stressed and so therefore are better able to focus the work that they need to be doing. Cleanliness should always be a

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