Valentines - Is love in the air?

Valentines – Is love in the air?

Bring Valentines this year into the office! Unfortunately, unless you are a dedicated romantic and take time off work for this year’s Valentine’s Day, you will most likely spend the day working like the rest of us. So why not bring some love and fun into the air inside the office!
Below you will find some fun top tips for bring Valentines into the office this year.
Top Tips:

  1. Decorate your workspace – Who else loves an excuse to put some streamers and valentines themed decorations up! Christmas has gone and the office may be looking bare so why not splurge of some big red hearts and bring some love into the room.
  2. Wear red – Why not ask all your employees to come in something red or with hearts on and all employees put a donation in a tin to raise money for a chosen charity. Its great for your social media feeds and a great feeling to have some fun and raise money at the same time!
  3. Customise your logo – Why not add a valentines feel to your company logo to send out on social media, and for employees to use on their teams or Zoom backgrounds. It will get people remembering you that’s for sure!
  4. Goody bags – Perk staff morale up as not everyone has loved ones around them with a fun goody bag and making them feel wanted and involved and key members of your team. Put some sweets or chocolates in a goody bag with a personal morale booster into each one to help your employees feel loved and appreciated.
  5. Team time – Why not play some fun games, extend your employees lunch hour, take team photos or allow them to leave an extra hour early? Just for one day, you can boost staff morale and get it back in productivity tenfold.
    Many people say Valentines is just a way for card companies to make money, but from the tips above you can actually see it can have a positive impact on your staff and give them something back for all there hard work and help them feel they make a difference.


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