Wellness in the workplace tips

Wellness in the workplace tips


Promoting wellbeing in the workplace is vital to prevent stress and to encourage positive working environments where everybody can work at their peak performance. Creating good health and wellbeing is of high importance in order to have higher employee engagement and have a more organised area to work in. But how exactly can you as an employer encourage this kind of behaviour and create a safe environment for your employees to work in? This is what we will discover in this article.


What is wellbeing at work?

Promoting employee wellbeing at the workplace is at the heart of our lives in order to provide a safer and more productive area to work as well as effecting our working lives as an effective workplace wellbeing programme could have mutual benefits to workers, businesses, economics and networks. Providing a safe environment to work in and ways to improve productivity in the workplace will always show an improvement in workers’ abilities to feel better about their work and improve the conditions of the work that they are doing. We want to ensure that senior managers make the people’s wellbeing a priority and allow line managers the confidence and capability to support their team.


Ways to improve wellbeing

  1. Mental Health – Ensuring the workers’ mental health is vital to employee wellness and attitude when it comes to working. Having a mental health initiative program at work will both improve your brand reputation and your staff loyalty to your company.
  2. Hospitality – Have you thought about providing healthy snacks and maybe tea or coffee for your workers when they are doing so much for you? By having these available for workers to eat or drink, they will be much happier in their work and be much more productive when it comes to projects and assignments.
  3. Social Events – Your workers may need time to socialise with their colleagues and having a few social events that can provide that may be a good idea. Try holding trips to eventful places regularly for your employees to engage with their fellow workers and get to know others better.
  4. Pet-friendly offices – Your workers may need a close companion whilst working at their office. By allowing pets into your office, you will boost wellness in your employees and improve the talent pool in recruitment. There are studies that show that allowing pets in the workplace will make your employees feel happier, less stressed and more productive.
  5. Exercise classes – By providing an exercise class for your employees, they will feel a lot healthier whilst working at your office and relieve stress. Try organising some sports events like 5-a-side football or arranging classes like yoga, they will be encouraged to try a physical activity to improve their mental wellness at work.



In order for these tips to be effective in the workplace, it is best if these activities be led by a senior member of staff or management. Whilst being a great way to improve your workers’ wellbeing, this will also give your management a better way to learn about the people who are working for you and doing the best out of their job in order to improve your company and its work. To make sure that this is effective, it is best if your team leaders will also take part in these tips so that they also can be affected by what they are preaching, also known as leading by example.

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