What are the best colours to use in your workplace?

What are the best colours to use in your workplace?


It is important for your workplace to be filled with colour as nobody wants to work in a dull office. Having certain colours in your workplace could highly affect your employee’s work mood, having dull and boring colours could make them feel not as motivated to work compared to brighter colours. But what colours could affect your work mood? This post will go through the different colours that could help your mood.


Productivity is important in the workplace, and you will want your employees to be their most productive at all times, some colours in the office could affect how productive they are. An example of this is the colour Red, it is a powerful colour for businesses as it has a feel of power and could increase brain wave activity. A Red and Black colour palette could be great for workplaces of physical activity.

Blue is another colour which could help in a high stress environment or in a space where you have regular meetings with clients and internal discussions. It’s a highly known calming colour which, if painted in the right spots, could decrease heart rate and high blood pressure. You could use this affectively with contrast colours such as grey or purple or could possibly be bold and tone it with colours like red or yellow.


Creativity is another important aspect in the work environment, you’ll want to add some colours that will bring out the best of your abilities. A colour that could help with this is Yellow, as it is normally associated with happiness and optimism. This could lift your worker’s spirits and could motivate bringing their creativeness. It’s not only an emotional colour, but it could also be contrasted with colours like grey and white walls to bring a balance to the duller colours.

Green is a colour for nature lovers as well, surrounding yourself with areas that could resemble the outdoors could make someone feel more peaceful and allow themselves to be more vulnerable while bringing their creative nature in the work.


It is clear that adding colour in the work environment could affect your employee’s and having the right kind of colours highly depend on what you’re trying to gain in your workplace. Brighter colours could make a lot of people feel a lot happier to be working in the office and thus could increase people’s work ethic. Whereas the opposite could happen with darker or dull colours which could decrease work ethic and so they will not be as willing to work.

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