What are the most popular types of storage for your office?

What are the most popular types of storage for your office?


Office storage is always a headache for many office environments. One of the ways to make this less of a headache and less of a mess is to organise your paperwork, but how could you do this? There are many different types of storage that you could add to your office space, and some might be better than others depending on what you want to store. In this post, we will go over exactly what there is to offer and how it could help you.

Under Desk

If your workers require daily access to certain files, then a filing cabinet built into the desk or underneath the desk could be a good way for people to remain organised while not having to go very far to access these files. Adding some desktop file holders could also help with organisation, adding specific holders for different types of files.

Open Shelving

If you do not need to access your files as often and instead perhaps weekly, think about adding some open shelving in your office. This is good for maximising storage space and minimising your footprint. Items that need to be looked at weekly could be placed on middle or lower shelves for ease of access and then possibly add some pull out drawers in the bottom for even more storage.

Closed Shelving

If you want to be more secure for your files, a closed shelving unit with a lock on it could be useful for more private files. Adding a lock with a key that only certain people have is good if you want to keep certain files with private information on them safe and secure away from prying eyes. If you can’t get one with a lock then keep them on the same shelves as the open shelving, but on a higher shelf, although less secure it’s not as easy to get to for just anybody to take.


There are plenty of different types of storage units that you could buy to keep your files in a place where you can easily find them rather than having them lying around everywhere and causing a safety risk and an eyesore. By storing your files you can keep your office tidy and leaves you feeling like you are in a nice place where you can work without distractions from the mess around you.

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