What do you hate about your home office?

So, it is Christmas, and we are all ready to down tools and get ready for the festive break but for some people working from home, it’s the same place day in, day out at the moment and they are not happy!

Do you get back ache sitting at your breakfast table with your laptop, a numb bottom from sitting on a hard chair, or the sunshine decides to shine through the closed blinds in just the right crack in the blind so you cannot see your computer screen…ready to scream and pull your hair out? Ready to close that laptop and not want to go back to it in January??

Take this festive break to give yourself time to regroup and rethink about your home office. Money may be tight; productivity may be down, and you just may be hurting and this is not the way to go into 2022.

Imagine planning your special space to give yourself a timeout area where you can separate your home and your work. Getting the right furniture and the space saving desks and chairs for example can make a real difference. Working from home can be very tough for many people and making the place you work into a fun and comfortable place will help you and your work life and keep the balance even though you cannot work from the office.

Quick Tips to make your home working space into a space you love:

  1. Add some plants, and bright colours with pictures or your favourite things onto your desk and in the area you work. They will make you smile and brighten up your day!
  2. Think about your chair, if you do not have the right chair it is going to hurt your posture, cause more stress and you will not be as productive as you want to be.
  3. Shut the door – It sounds obvious, and you may find it hard with the kids screaming around you when you are on that all important Zoom call but set your hours and close the door. Get some peace and quiet, even if it needs to be in 30 minutes periods so you can still check on the kids!
  4. Move the room around so your natural light is not blazing onto your computer screen. Natural light makes us all feel good, but position your computer carefully and it can clear that headache
  5. Buy yourself some storage. Having all your work files and folders and post it notes spread across your house can be tiresome on its own, keep your work area uncluttered and it will put that smile back onto your face!

These are just a few handy tips to help you love the space you’re working in again. If you need further help and advice please get in touch, Call us on 0800 644 0150



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