What type of Office Spaces are available?

What type of Office Spaces are available?


Office spaces come in many different types of shapes and sizes and choosing the right type of space for your business can be quite challenging. When finding the right space for you, you must be able to know what types are available and which best suits your needs. Here we are going to give an overview of the different types of spaces available and how it can affect your business.


If you work in a traditional type of business, one that includes financial services, law firms or hedge funds, you may wish to acquire a traditional office space. These kinds of spaces allow quiet and private areas allowing for more focus on your work and be able to converse properly with clients. A traditional type of office space will usually have a reception, private offices and even a boardroom to discuss important topics with colleagues.


By choosing a creative workspace, it allows employees to work closely with other colleagues by emphasising collaboration and teamwork. These types of offices also allow more transparency and fewer barriers in a large open space. These are space efficient and therefore you could then fit more desks and tables rather than choosing cubicles which cuts off yourself from other people. This is usually chosen by start-up companies, advertising agencies and creative agencies.


Coworking spaces are much more flexible in terms of the number of desks that you can rent in the space. Smaller companies and start-ups usually choose these as a workspace for an indefinite amount of time or if they are trying to cut costs by utilising less unused office spaces.

Executive Suites

These are usually fully furnished and serviced office spaces. These are usually able to be sublet for a period of time with flexible payment terms, these being monthly, quarterly, annually or biannually. Executive Suites are usually also prepared with phone and internet services.


There are plenty of office spaces to choose from and it is vital for your business to choose the right kind of office for you. The best way to choose the type of office space is to look at what your company is trying to get out of the space and look at your options if they can manage the type of business you do.

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