17 Jan

Why Planning Your Office Layout Is Key

Have you ever built a model railway ?

You get excited at the thought of having your own world, created by you and we’re not only talking trains and tracks. There would be dozens upon dozens of pop up buildings made out of card kits as you look to build your own world. You spend countless hours cutting, trimming, gluing and constructing the cardboard kits building schools, streets of houses, windmills, station buildings and then, just as you are about to start and add these to your layout board, something hits you. YOU HAVEN’T GOT ENOUGH SPACE. What are you going to do with all the left over buildings AND you’ve not even laid down a road and the remainder of the track yet!

Well this can be the same for your office. You see a desk, you buy it, construct it and start working from it, making it your working home. Then you add your trays, your children’s photographs, your favourite mouse mat as your new working home is decorated. Then in comes a beautiful sofa for your office, somewhere to relax and unwind at lunch time or a quick chat with a visitor to your office. You start getting busier, and you add some filing cabinets. You move home and you don’t have room for your fish tank so it ends up as the office pet closely followed by a framed autographed shirt of your favourite football club……. Your office is slowly, but surely, becoming more full on each occasion. You need a meeting with two people in your office as you look to win that new contract available and you can’t fit in that extra chair for the key person who ends up standing up during the meeting as there simply isn’t enough room as you’ve managed to fill the sofa with more from the home which you don’t want to let go and are desperately looking to put somewhere in the office. What’s more, the company accountant in the office next door, follows your lead and he’s next to work in a cluttered, chaotic environment. It’s not good for productivity or the company image.

These are perfect examples as to why you need to plan your office layout. We can assist with visuals so you can plan what your office looks like given a scenario, we can add 3D designs to help you visualise and so you can plan what you can and can’t do inside the structural boundaries of your working environment and this is without the every changing world we live in where distancing measures and screens may need to be introduced further.

It’s essential to plan any layout so you don’t lose time, money, resources and stress and start with a plan. That way, you don’t have a crowded environment looking like it’s been thrown together and will keep you on the right track.

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