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Work Smarter, More Efficiently and Reduce Pain with the Unimouse

The computer mouse has become an integral part of our daily work life, however intensive mouse use has been associated with increased risk of upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders, including carpal tunnel syndrome. Sustained, elevated fluid pressure in the carpal tunnel may play a role in the pathophysiology of carpal tunnel syndrome. Multidirectional dragging (‘drag and drop’) and (static posture pointing (‘point-and-click’). Both increase nerve pressures which can result in tingling, numbness, pain in the hand and wrist. Intense mouse use for long-periods of time may increase the risk of median mononeuropathy.

The Ergonomic Unimouse: Wired or Wireless versions Dimensions (11.94cm x 7.62cm) – Weight (127.6grams)

Selecting the award-winning solution for pain relief – the Unimouse at DS Office Interiors minimises wrist extension and prolonged frequent dragging tasks, enabling a user to create their own dynamic positions customising a fit, which suits their computer operation requirements. Having 35 degrees of true adjustability, the patented articulating hinge allows a user to adjust the angle of body tilt anywhere between 35 to 70 degrees. ATS (Articulating Thumb Support) helps eliminate harmful gripping and pinching of the CMC (basal) joint and helps to reduce RSI. The tri-axis thumb rest accommodates the hand with ease and allows you to relax your grip in any position, regardless of your hand size or shape. The ergonomic engineered technology of the Unimouse is produced in two models for both right- and left-handed users, by increasing a person’s comfort, control and work efficiency, minimising pain caused by repetitive strain injuries. Unimouse also has 6 programmable buttons, an ultra-smooth scroll wheel and a customisable button, assigned to suit virtually any task and accommodate a user’s unique needs.


DS Office Unimouse


The Unimouse uses a cordless USB Plug-N-Play connector compatible with most PC, Laptop, MacBook and MacBook Air. It works with Apple Mac OSX and Windows 10/7/Vista/XP/ME/98. A Lithium-Ion Polymer battery provides up to three months of power on a single charge and the Data+Charge cable will allow you to charge while you work to help eliminate downtime. The “Smart Sleep” battery system ensures a long-lasting wireless experience by hibernating when not in use.

For more information about the Unimouse contact our sales team:   sales@dsoffice.co.uk   Tel: 07792846375


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