Working From Home – Is it still a thing?

Working From Home – Is it still a thing?


During the pandemic, it was very important for people to keep apart from each other for the sake of safety towards others, and therefore a lot more people were working from home. As of right now, we appear to be on the other side of this pandemic and more people are going back to the workplace and returning to normal before the pandemic started. However, some people may still choose to work at home, is this still a prevalent thing and what are the reasons for it? Here we discuss these topics.


Better Balance, More Productivity

There are more people saying that they stay home for other reasons rather than the Pandemic since their office has re-opened (57% in 2020 vs 42% now). Some parents have suggested that they stay at home due to childcare as a major reason they telework. Most people staying at home suggest that it hasn’t impacted their ability to advance their career. The downsides are that 60% of remote workers say that they feel less connected to other colleagues.


Concerns over Virus Exposure

Although more places are opening up and Covid restrictions are lifting, we haven’t eradicated the virus yet and there are still plenty of people who feel that if they return to work, they may contract the virus and spread it to other people. About 60% of workers have jobs that cannot be done at home and about half of those have shown concerns over being exposed to Covid-19.


Some need Offices to be Productive

The amount of people who have the option to choose whether to work from home but choose to go to the office the majority of the time is very minimal, but still there. These individuals suggest that working in the office allows them to more productive as they have plenty of space to work around compared to home and can interact with colleagues much easier. A smaller share of 14% have said that they are worried about losing job opportunities when working from home and 9% feel that they are pressured by their boss or coworkers to travel into the office.



From what we can gather, it appears to be very close in terms of people wanting to work from home or go into the office for a variety of reasons. Some consider it to be more effective working from home and can plan out their day much easier whilst not having to worry about those around them. Others may say that by working from home, you could miss out on huge opportunities that could be offered if you were to be in the workplace, some may even consider it laziness. But what we know for sure is that working from home could still be an option for years to come, even after the pandemic has ended.

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