Working From Home

Working From Home!

As we’ve heard recently, the Government have been urging us to work from home due to the increases in cases with the latest variant of the pandemic just when we were starting to get back to the office and back to our pre-covid ways of working.

We’ve had to say a daytime goodbye to George the goldfish who we’d kept company over the last 18 months by working from our temporary work spaces, get back into the routine of pulling on suits and getting our feet used to shoes rather than slippers and been breathing a sigh of relief knowing the children are back to school and not being home schooled.

But the latest variant and directive is to work from home where possible meaning we could see this on a regular basis going forward if we are to learn to live with COVID. Could we see more home spaces converted into working spaces and employers supporting employees to transition their homes into a working environment ?

We know working from home was for the lucky few in the past but this is going to be the future for many companies with climate change advantages and costs savings with less travel but are home offices and work spaces kitted out ?

Fitting out a spare space in the home can also increase productivity and mindset of staff and key personnel as there is nothing worse that working on the kitchen table and having to clear away every night ahead of an evening meal.

It’s key for employees to have the right working environment for productivity especially with the work from home directive and this is without the potential of a winter snow fall.

But, whatever the outcome going forward, a new pair of slippers should probably be on everyone’s Christmas list this year and maybe George the goldfish will be able to watch his home working employee in a new home working environment more often!

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