World Online Networking Day 29th October Building Stronger, Sustainable Relationships

Covid-19 accelerated digital engagement across the world, remote working became the norm wherever possible, and this is shaping future working practices in many industries. Rather than spending time traveling to conferences, you have the beauty of staying at home and making the same connections. It’s easier to pick and choose which parts of a conference are relevant to a person’s business goals too, as well as building business brand identity and creating awareness.

Events and conferences can be expensive. At these events, networking often takes place over dinner and drinks, which can incur additional costs. When you network online, you don’t need to pay for this or for travel.

It has become easier and much more fluid to make connections from all around the world as business becomes more international, it makes sense that networking follows. With traditional networking, a person is usually limited to events in their immediate area whereas online networking allows you to build suit. During traditional networking events, a hierarchy was often easily observable. For example, access to the most influential people in the room may have been restricted. However, everyone online has equal status, at least in theory.

Growing your online network with the right contacts and nurturing those relationships is an ongoing process and can often take longer than just days or even weeks. Building a durable, sustainable network online requires more time and patience than networking face to face. You could host a webinar or event to generate new contact opportunities or follow up one-on-one. Alternatively, group chats can solidify those contacts into valuable professional relationships. LinkedIn can be super useful in creating lead generation, increasing exposure and opening the doors for networking and a flood of potential clients.

Keep your company page up to date with relevant information and be a resource to your connections and followers. Branding yourself as the subject expert on your services will help them think of you when they need you. LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your business products & services and gain trust amongst customers/prospects. One feature that helps is the “Recommendations” feature. The more recommendations you have from past customers and clients, the more of an opportunity you obtain to generate more leads and sales. The more recommendations you have from past customers and clients, the more of an opportunity you obtain to generate more leads and sales. Building loyalty and sustainable connections is paramount within business best practice.

Building quality business connections is the most important benefit of LinkedIn and thefact that it is populated almost entirely by forward-thinking professionals such as yourself who are also looking for ways to grow their businesses. This creates a unique culture of individuals who, in representing their respective companies, make business easier for everybody.

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