Top Workplace Design Trends for 2022

Top workplace design trends for 2022

Top Workplace Design Trends for 2022


The workplace is ever changing and to keep on top of demands and work productivity, changing up the design of the office is a big part. With everyone being in lockdown for the past two years and now going back to the office, perhaps it’s time for a redesign? We are going to be discussing what designs are currently trending in workplaces and how they may suit you in your place.


Smart Offices

Having automation in the office, although might seem costly and irrelevant, could help your workplace feel more modern and more welcoming. Adding Smart lighting in your office can be really beneficial, being able to control the brightness of the lights, what colour they may be or even just turning them off from an app on your device could save a lot of time and even electrical energy being wasted. Technology is always important to be on top of and is always changing and you should always be on top of it in order to attract more clients and keeping your employees in a better mood.



When designing your new office, using sustainable resources is a big thing to add to your design. Supporting local businesses and using materials that can be sourced from local sites allow you to both support your local area and keep costs down as you do not have to import materials that are hard to come by. Make sure that the resources that you are using produce zero carbon emission, so that you can be environmentally friendly and help keep the planet alive, and I’m sure as we all live on it, we all want that.



Neurodiversity is the concept that certain neurological development disorders have on the brain. An example of this is people with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may have time management issues but quite often show high levels of passion and creative thinking. Having spaces dedicated to these conditions could be helpful at times that employees need to take a break and relax away from other people. Mental health is a very important factor to be aware of in the workplace.



When coming out of a time when everybody was working from home due to the pandemic, and now we’re on the other side of that and everybody is going back to the office, some workplaces may require a makeover. It is always important to keep on track of the trends of others who are doing the same thing and to think about what you may need to help your employees in the office and how to keep it running for a long term. Also keeping a modern theme to your office will always make both employees feel better working for you and any clients that may visit will be impressed with the look of your office.

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